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Grassroots Garden Group believes that a community is not unlike a garden-- you get out of it what you put into it. With a bit of time, energy, and dedication they can both thrive, and the rewards are well worth the effort. Westchester is a beautiful village full of wonderful people. We are proud to do our part in keeping it beautiful and helping our neighbors in need. The satisfaction that comes with gardening is only amplified when paired with community service, and nothing brings us more joy than the satisfaction of helping others. Let's bloom together!

"Such gardens are not made by singing

‘Oh, how beautiful,’

and sitting in the shade."


– Rudyard Kipling

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Gardening is Good for Everyone!



Gardens in urban areas have been shown to decrease crime rates

Gardens are beautiful  and can increase property values

Excess produce can be donated to food pantries or given to neighbors

It can be a source of community pride



It reduces the number of miles required to transport nutritious food

It improves soil quality and water infiltration

It can reduce household food and plastic wastes

It increases biodiversity of plants and animals


It keeps you active and promotes vitamin D synthesis

It improves mental health and promotes relaxation

It can positively improve dietary habits

It fosters an attitude of patience and appreciation

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