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Village of Westchester’s “Person of the Year”

On January 26th, the Westchester Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards dinner at Alpine Banquets. It was a wonderful celebration honoring the people whose contributions to the village help make Westchester a wonderful place to live and do business. Village entities including the school, library, and village boards, along with the park district and the chamber, presented awards to several Westchester residents who are committed to making a difference.

Grassroots Garden Group founder and leader, Bethanny Alexander, was selected by Westchester’s Village Board as its Person of the Year. “This was such a surprise and an incredible honor,” said Bethanny, a Westchester resident for 14 years. “Given that Grassroots has only been around for 3 years and is just now really starting to bloom, it’s wonderful to be recognized for our efforts to date, and it gives us motivation to keep blooming! This honor is definitely shared with all the dedicated members of our group.”

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